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      Do you know ?
      • Cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye.
      • If the cornea becomes cloudy because of any disease, injury, infection or poor nutrition, vision is dramatically reduced or lost.
      • Corneal blindness can be treated by replacing the damaged cornea by a healthy donated human cornea. The human cornea can be procured through Eye Donation only.
      • Corneal blindness affects mainly children and young adults who have a long life ahead of them.
      • Though we have trained, highly qualified surgeons and hospital facilities to do the transplant, we do not have enough eye tissues to do the surgery.
      • Approximately 11 lakh blind population of our country are waiting for corneal transplantation and approximately 25,000 new cases are being reported.
      • One eye donation can give sight to two corneally blind persons.
      How and When ?
      • Eyes should be donated within 6-8 hrs of death.
      • Anyone can be a donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group or religion.
      • Anyone with cataract or spectacles can donate eyes.
      • Persons suffering from hypertension, diabetes can also donate eyes.
      • Total procedure takes 15-20 minutes. There is no disfigurement of the face of the donor. About 10 CC blood of the donor is also collected for testing.
      • Eyes can be donated even if the deceased had not formally pledged his/her eyes during his/her lifetime.
      • Eye Bank team will rush over to the donor's home or any other place where the body is available after death. This is a free service in public interest.
      • After pledging please inform your family about your wish to donate eyes, so that they can fulfill your wish.
      Important Points
      To donate eyes, the relatives of the deceased should do the following procedures
      • Close the eyelids of the deceased.
      • Switch off the fan.
      • Raise the head of the deceased slightly by placing a pillow underneath.
      • Contact the Eye Bank as quickly as possible.
      • Give the correct address with specific landmarks and telephone number to enable the eye bank team locate the place easily.
      • If the death certificate from the physician is available, keep it ready.
      • Eye donation can be done only with the written consent of the next of kin in the presence of two witnesses.
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